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Ship Communications

Part of our project is to tell the story of the Ming Voyages via the Internet. To do this we have a couple of computers with us.

The small one on the picture to the right is our main email computer, an Ericsson mc218. This little machine has most things a normal computer user would ask for: word processing, spreadsheets, database, email, fax, web browser etc. Together with the mobile phone we use it as a complete office. Reading Email when coming in to Singapore For the more demanding tasks, such as photo and video editing we have a powerful Sony Vaio Laptop With this machine we create this web site, produce CD Roms for presentations and backups. vaioi888.jpg (7915 bytes)
To get maximum coverage on the mobile we use a handsfree kit from Ericsson that connects the telephone to an external aerial - and the speakers to our stereo system which means that we can hear the phone even when everyone is up on deck and engine is going. handsfree.jpg (4027 bytes) mobilehelm.jpg (8543 bytes) When we need to use a phone on deck or in the dinghy we use these new waterproof telephones from Ericsson (R250s PRO). With the extra long antenna they give a very good coverage even offshore. Being waterproof and shockresistant they should be the choice for any sailor wanting a new mobile - we love'em ;-)
On the other side of our telephones we connect to the Internet and our web server which is hosted in Sweden, by space 2U  - a superb service from a small company close to my home up north in Sweden.

We are also looking for satellite equipment to allow us to update from sea - have you got what we need - call us!


Our Numbers

Magnus +46 70 668 11 48 Since we have telephone services in our home countries we will often ask if we can call you back if you call us - any call to our telephones will be going through Sweden or England whereas when we make an outgoing call it always goes the shortest route and hence get much better quality. Please also be aware of the time difference - look at the route page for UTC (GMT) time offset of the different ports we intend to visit.
Nikki +44 7771 525 208
Fax +46 70 617 71 48

E-mail  Rex Warner rex @ dragonvoyage.com Magnus Ström (exBerglund) magnus @ dragonvoyage.com.
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