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Kevin, Nikki, Magnus, Steve and Rex aboard Precious Dragon.
Join in the day to day running of Precious Dragon alongside Nikki, the first mate.

See what happens to the ship and the crew as they follow in the wake of Zheng He.

"Whilst you lot are doing all that, I shall endeavour to meet children in the countries that we visit and find out what they get up to."  


Learn about life on Precious Dragon. What we do and how we meet with all the challenges onboard and on land.

Vung La, Vietnam

kidsvungla.jpg (24013 bytes) coracless.jpg (11647 bytes)After leaving Qui Nhon, Vietnam, we headed South towards Singapore, but due to rough weather we pulled in to a tiny fishing village inside a bay well sheltered from the strong North Easterly wind.This ended up being our Christmas stop - which was much more fun than being at sea.  Shortly after our arrival, this troupe of inquisitive children came and sat on deck and watched us for an afternoon. At five o'clock, a bamboo basket boat arrived with their mothers. We're not sure if it was just to get their kids home for supper or if they were equally interested in what we were doing....They would scull their bamboo basket boats out each day, and spend a few hours with us, laughing at the funny things we did. I think my highlight was learning how to open a fresh coconut without the use of a sharp knife.  I advise you not to try this as I nearly pulled both my front teeth out trying to copy how the local children did it..
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Qui Nhon, Vietnam

In Qui Nhon we were moored next to a small boatyard where we met kids running around as we went to have a look at the boats as they were being built, presumably by their fathers and older brothers. Since we didn't understand much of each others languages we used sign language to talk. One of the funnier things we found out was that they had collected snails in cigarette packets! My thoughts were that they were going to eat them, so coming to their rescue, I convinced the children to spend the afternoon racing a pair of snails along one of the planks that were about to be used to build a boat. In this picture you can see myself and my friend, aged twelve, battling it out in the snail race. Unfortunately, my snail refused to move, whereas his moved about an inch before it also disappeared into its shell! snailracing.jpg (235237 bytes)

Hong Kong, China


Christmas Job on board : Moral Support

Christmas joined us before we left the Aberdeen Boat Club, where he had a very good upbringing. He is always there whenever we have any trouble at all. He's excellent at playing hide and seek - see how many places you can find him on the web site...


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