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Log Book Details

Every ship that travels on the oceans keeps a log book. The log book is used by the crew as a help in running the ship and to keep track of where the ship has been and what it has been doing. Different ships will write different details in the log book, depending on what they do. We are writing a book, making a TV series and developing this web site - so we try to remember all the fun and interesting bits, as well as the basic navigation data.
With the basic data you can follow where we go and learn about navigation
Date Which day the log entry was made
Where Which part of the voyage we're on. It says "towards" because we can never be sure if we're going to get there...
Time Usually it will be 12.00, sometimes we haven't started or already arrived then so it might be different  when we're starting or finishing a trip.
Course We use a compass to steer by. The course will be a number between 0 and 360. What does it mean?
Speed At sea, one always measures distance and speed using Nautical Miles and Knots.
Log How far we have sailed on this trip
Position A position means where something is. In our case it is where on the earth (ocean) we are. If you find a good map you should be able to put a little mark where we have been. The Latitude (North or South of the equator) and Longitude (East or West of the Greenwich meridian) is usually written at the edges of a map.
Wind The wind direction and wind speed in Knots.
Pressure Barometric pressure in millibars. Knowing if the pressure is going up or down helps us decide how much sail we can set and what weather changes to expect.

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