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Kruenggeukueh - Indonesia

chain.jpg (30477 bytes)We arrived here after motoring from Melaka, Malaysia. The first thing that happened was that we had visitors. Two young boys living on the beach swam out to us and climbed up the anchor chain.

They are:

Jonni, 11 years old
Dalahan, 12 years old

bickies.jpg (26255 bytes)
We decided they deserved a digestive biscuit after swimming out to us and climbing up to the boat.
cofferail.jpg (27431 bytes)Nikki instantly got called mummy, and had two excellent helpers for the whole day. mainmast.jpg (17994 bytes)Dalahan went all the way up the mast to have a look at the view and talk to his friends ashore.
babybath.jpg (32709 bytes)Trying to paddle our baby bath to the shore was a bit to difficult, pushing it along worked really well though! eggs.jpg (35009 bytes)Jonni was an expert egg chef, cooking dinner with Nikki helping out.
wash.jpg (35381 bytes) dahaiansteve.jpg (30720 bytes)jonnisteve.jpg (29507 bytes)
We didn't get a chance at doing any washing up this day - all taken care of by our helpers. After dinner Dahalan and Jonni tried our camera and took these pictures, between Steve and Elsa

From the whole crew - a giant thank you!

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