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When Zheng He travelled these waters his large junks had an armoury onboard. The armourer kept bows, arrows, knives and shields in readiness against pirate attacks. They carefully avoided certain areas, such as Keppel Harbour - known to be the home of 300 proas (fast small boats used by pirates) which waylaid merchant ships, slaughtered the crews and stole the merchandise. Raffles light house in the Singapore Straits
The Malacca Straits have ever since been known as a dangerous place, with pirates being active particularly in the northern approaches. 1998 saw 60 seafarers killed in piracy attacks. We hope not to meet any of them at all!

Ready for Pirates???

Our armoury

Onboard Precious Dragon we have no traditional weapons to fight piracy. The only thing we can do is to use our communication skills in case we encounter pirates. Our new telephones have a special emergency button which will put us in touch with emergency services directly. We also have a standard marine VHF Radio to alert other ships.


Please tell us what you think about pirates. Do you think there will always be pirates about? Write an e-mail to Nikki and tell her what you think can be done.

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