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Hong Kong to Qui Nhon

Leaving Aberdeen Boat Club

We left Aberdeen Boat Club on Sunday morning with Martin (immediate past President of the Club) and his wife Ruth coming down to see us off. With us was also a film team from CNN, making a special report about our expedition to be broadcast in the US and Asia next weekend on the CNN Inside Asia programme. In the past few days we've had several television crews down to film, including a team from Pearl TV who shot a six minute feature of us celebrating a somewhat premature New Year's eve party / Millennium celebration for broadcast at the end of December.

With gale force winds forecast south of Hong Kong, we spent two days at anchor off Lamma Island, waiting for the wind to abate slightly ...

Martin and Ruth on the poop deck, Marc Cuthbert (owner) filming

Rolling about

Our trip to Vietnam was a constant rolling motion. This kept us in good trim - to stay on our feet we had to either hold on to something solid or gyrate, like some demented salsa dancer, to counteract the boats movement. This made for an interesting time having a cup of tea when steering...;-)

We had near gale force winds for the whole of the six day passage to Vietnam, with persistant heavy rain as we approached the Vietnamese coast. Whilst the junk is sailing well, she does tend to leak, especially in heavy weather ...


Rolling as seen from the aft deck, next to the helmsman...

Book shelf....

Captain Warner restowing books from the fallen shelf on the top bunk
The bookshelf in place and restocked
Magnus writes ...

"One morning as I was just about to go and hug my pillow after getting off my midnight to 4 o'clock watch, a terrible sound came thundering down to the engine room where I was pumping the bilges. In the saloon I immediately saw why. The bookshelf holding all the ship's  heavy sailing and navigation books had fallen down and dented the chart table, knocked off half a seat, broke the VHF radio, and spread the books all over the floor. Smile and postpone pillow hugging for half an hour..."

Second picture shows the shelf back up after strengthening by Steve.


Log Book

Date Where we're going Time Course / Speed Log Position Wind Pressure
Monday 29th Nov Shanwei towards Hong Kong 24.00 260 / 4 Kn 40 nm N 2222' E 11449' E by N 15 1019 mb
Tuesday 30th Nov 09.00 325 / 2.7 Kn 67 nm N 2212' E 11410' N by E 10 1020 mb
Tuesday 7th Dec Hong Kong towards Qui Nhon 12.00 200 / 4.3 Kn 9.1 nm N 2203' E 11404' NE 15 1021 mb
Wednesday 8th Dec 12.00 240 / 4 Kn 89.4 nm N 2107' E 11240' NNE 20 1020 mb
Thursday 9th Dec 12.00 180 / 4 Kn 189.4 nm N 1932' E 11214' NE 20 1016 mb
Friday 10th Dec 12.00 260 / 4.1 Kn 246.6 nm N 1755' E 11128' NE 22 1011 mb
Saturday 11th Dec 12.00 190 / 4 Kn 338.4 nm N 1617' E 11043' NE by N 26 1010 mb
Sunday 12th Dec 12.00 250 / 2.7 Kn 416.4 nm N 1450' E 11008' NE 15 1008 mb
Monday 13th Dec 10.00 290 / 3.9 Kn 467.8 nm N 1346' E 10915' N 17 1009 mb
Thursday 23rd Dec Qui Nhon towards Singapore 12.00 240 / 4.4 Kn 13.31 nm N 1331' E 10923' N 30 1015 mb

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