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Singapore to Melaka


Bukit China  (China Hill)

In Malaysia a story is told (unconfirmed by the Ming records) that the ambassador of the Sultan of Melaka travelled to China with Zheng He, and returned to Melaka with the Ming Emperor's daughter to marry the Sultan. She brought with her five hundred handmaidens, and they set up home on Bukit China or China Hill. Her marriage sealed relations between China and Malaysia.

Bukit China has been a Chinese area ever since. It is now thought to be the largest Chinese cemetery outside China; with some of the ornate graves dating back to the Ming Dynasty. Chinese graves are large and often built on a hill which shelters them from evil winds and allows the spirits of the deceased to keep an eye on their descendants living below.

bcgrave2.jpg (18050 bytes)
A Chinese Grave on China Hill

Sam Po Kong Temple

Cheng Hoon Temple

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This temple at the foot of Bukit China was built in 1795 and is dedicated to Zheng He. There is a statue of Zheng He at the entrance to the temple and the many Chinese visitors seemed to have a very high regard for the Admiral.

This is the oldest Chinese temple in Malaysia and has shrines to Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism. It was originally constructed from materials imported from China, and is currently undergoing a major restoration. Buddhist monks were conducting a highly musical ceremony when i visited ...

chtmonk1.jpg (12762 bytes)


The residents of Melaka's Chinatown were preparing for the Chinese New Year by putting up street decorations. We stocked up on Chinese dragons, lanterns and firecrackers so that we could celebrate Chinese New Year at sea en route to Sri Lanka.... newyeardecorations1.jpg (12247 bytes)newyeardecorations2.jpg (13823 bytes)

A big thank you to the Renaissance Hotel for making our visit to Melaka so enjoyable and productive.

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