On Deck

The deck is dominated by a large poop deck, the raised deck comprising the aft third of the boat. On this is the helmsman's position, with the wheel, compass, modern wind and navigation instruments, and engine controls. The large stern lockers contain, on the port side, our store of fresh vegetables; and on starboard the safety gear - safety harnesses, flares, lifejackets, portable petrol powered emergency bilge/fire pump (if we are sinking it pumps water out of the boat into the sea, or the other way round if we are on fire!). The six person liferaft is stored under the seat, and more flares and an EPIRB - Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon in the helmsman's locker.

The main deck has hatches to the engine room, fo'c's'le and chain locker, and at the aft end doors to the main cabin under the poop deck. Stored on the deck, lashed to the bulwarks are, to port, our supply of spare bamboo battens for the sails and, to starboard, the tender - a small fibreglass dinghy used for getting ashore when we are at anchor. On the foredeck as well as an electric powered windlass there is a Chinese style manual winch with 300ft (90m.) of chain for the starboard anchor. The port anchor has a short length of chain and 300ft. (90m.) of 32mm dia. rope anchor warp stored in the chain locker, both anchors are 140lb fisherman type

.View of the poop deck - click for larger image
Poop deck
View of the main deck - click for larger image
Main deck, with the coracle from Vietnam to the left with the tender next to it, door to main cabin at rear, the bamboos are out of sight behind the open engine room hatch, the fo'c's'le hatch in the foreground.
View of the fore deck - click for larger image
Foredeck, the traditional Chinese manual winch to starboard with the fisherman anchor in the large Chinese bow roller, the modern electric windlass amidships under its cover.